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    • Fr. Mike's News Flash
      August 29, 2014

      Dear St. Joseph Parishioners,

      Greetings and peace. Today is the Feast of Beheading of John the Baptist which is both a unique event to celebrate and a practical example of how Jesus knew well what he was doing and what danger he faced in telling the truth to powerful forces. The Church remains an important and vital voice in many parts of the world today, including our own.
      1.  “You are an obstacle, thinking not like God does but as human beings do.” Matthew’s Gospel is the gospel of the Church (remember last week and the actual use of the word: “Church “). So, hearing Peter—the foundation can be obstacle is both bracing and encouraging. In so far as we think only as human beings do—calculating, imposing our will through force or manipulation—we are an obstacle, a stumbling block (a lead weight). Ironically, the heaviest weight is between our own ears (and blocks our eyes). I had a seminary spiritual advisor whose trademark was he called all of us “fatheads” (like blockheads). From Fr. All this was no insult. It was a gentle and honest reality check that our biggest spiritual struggle is not with outside forces. It’s us. It’s why Paul calls us to seek out a renewal of the mind. I have all our weekend Masses: Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 9:30am (English) and 12noon (Spanish).
      Remember our Sunday 5pm Bi-lingual Mass resumes September 7. A week from Sunday.

      Congratulations to Lacey Weidel and Perry Miller who marry Saturday. As I mentioned at Mass, one beautiful parish connection is that Jim and Margaret Eby who helped with their Couple to Couple marriage instructions—also were the sponsor couple for Lacey’s parents, Bart and Kelly Sue. Talk about rooted. Lacey and Perry have been fine examples in their regular Mass attendance and assisting in Masses as ushers.
      1. Upcoming dates:
      • Inquiry begins with Church Tour Tue Sept. 2, 7pm (Church): This is for all interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. It is ideal for spouses or a fiancé.   
      • Religious Education Classes/Children’s Liturgy of the Word resumes Sunday Sep 7
      • Confirmation Preparation in English begins Wednesday September 10 at 7pm.
      • Confirmation for Hispanic Youth (13-18) will be on Thursdays and there will be a class as well for Hispanic Young Adults (18+). Please check with Minerva and Cristian for more information.
      1. Labor Day is a civil holiday but is profoundly Catholic in how it recognizes work is more than a burden. We share in the work of Creation and like our Creator are called to rest. So, being off to the Lake or enjoying a quiet afternoon with our family puts us back into rhythm with our twin nature as created and co-creator of many diversions and practical things. Work expresses a basic dignity and reminds us that each of us is not measured by production but by participation in a project much wider than ourselves.
      3. Ms. Patty and our Youth Group (English) had a great Welcome Back Cookout Wednesday and look forward to many activities including regular socials, meals after our Sunday 5pm Mass, trips to DYC (OKC) and Pro-life March and another Mission Trip. More information via pallison@stjosephok.com and Ms. Patty’s church cell 918-348-6515.
        1. I enjoyed a visit to Muskogee High School yesterday and greeted St. Joseph students at both A and B lunches. It’s like our parish in so many ways: Anglos, Hispanics, and I even practiced a little Vietnamese (my latest phrase is “how are you?”).
      5. Deacon Ed and I visited hospitals together yesterday and had a tour of Gospel Rescue Mission, Muskogee’s homeless shelter. Carl there was very gracious and explained how they have room for 34 males and a smaller number of females (depending on staff) and provide two meals daily. He was very grateful for the times Minerva and our Hispanic groups bring remaining food after a fiesta and the same happens after other parish events. He said the Mission goes back to 1931 and one wonders how many tough stories have walked through those doors since the Great Depression. It is an example that there are many folks doing much good for our Lord in many ways.
        1. Muskogee’s Phoenix had a feature story on food pantries and local needs (it focused on the Salvation Army). Our own Muskogee Catholic Charities is seeing substantially more clients—as many as 30 daily at the end of the month—and Deacon Ed is buying more food, even as the government food bank supply seems lower. Parishioner donations of canned goods and other food make a major difference. 
      7. Parishioners contribute in many ways. Isabel Cockle not only coordinates our Parish Life Ministry and parish dinners and parties—and the much appreciated Sunday coffee and donuts—she has increased our visibility too. Her Dance Studio is on York and she graciously accepted one of our new signs to tell folks there is a Catholic Church nearby and our Mass Schedule. Yes, I know those of us who have lived in Muskogee for a while (and more) know where the Church is—though some may stumble on the name of the parish or priest (it is a sure fire way of recognizing practicing Catholics—they always know the correct names and places and times), visitors always appreciate a “sign.” Thanks Isabel!
      May God bless you and all you love (and all you should).

      Fr. Mike
      St. Joseph Church and School