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    • Fr. Mike's News Flash
      July 18, 2014

      Dear St. Joseph Parishioners,

      Greetings and peace.  Life is filled with unexpected blessings. Who could believe that we are celebrating a record July summer day: for comfort and low temperatures? Amazing! Plus, this morning I was blessed with a decision to concelebrate the 8:15am Mass instead of sleeping in and then exercising before going to the office. I had it in my mind that Fr. Rob had the Mass. Lucky for me and the Daily Mass faithful I went over and it turned out it was my day anyway (his is next Friday). Sometimes, it just works out.
      1. “The Spirit coms to the aid of our weakness … the Spirit himself intercedes with inexpressible groanings.” Once more, Paul reflects out loud our actual experience. We know well our weakness and corresponding dependence on grace from God the Father. There is “groaning”—involuntary sigh in face of undesired circumstance—and yet it is the Spirit who intercedes. We may not know what to pray for--the Spirit gently aligns our will to God’s. It is the path of conversion and change, day by day, moment by moment.  We may not know the right word right away—why else does Hallmark sell preprinted cards?—the Spirit connects us to the heart of God anyway with all our imperfections and clumsiness. It is one more view of mercy: a gentle and loving God who created us never abandons us. I have all our Masses: Saturday at 5pm; Sunday at 9:30am (English) and 12noon (Spanish).
      Please note: the Daily Mass on Fridays is at 8:15am—unless it’s a civic holiday when it is at 9am. There has been an “orphan” error in the Mass intention list but the correct time is 8:15am. Thanks for your patience.
      1. Congratulations to
        1. Graciela Arquijo who celebrates her XV Años Misa at 2pm on Saturday (7/19).
        3. The Amador family who celebrate a baptism at the 12noon Misa on Sunday (7/20).
      3. There will be a brief introduction class after Mass in Spanish on Sunday (7/20) for parishioners seeking to serve as Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers.
        1. There will be an additional Ministry Training Class (offered in Spanish by Fr. Leonardo Medina) Wednesday (7/23) at 6pm.
      5. Our Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a Blood Drive this Sunday (7/20) starting at 8am in the Parish Hall (until 12noon). Parishioner Bill Miller is stepping in to help coordinate everything. Both sign-ups and walk-ins are welcome and much needed in this summer season. It is a painless and loving way to save a life.
      7. Patty and our Youth Group are having a great week in Kansas City serving those in need—no crises yet (hooray).  A Youth will share with us next week at Masses.
        1. Hispanic Youth Group continues to meet on Sundays at 6pm. This week is futbol (soccer). Seminarian Shane plans on playing.
      9. Seminarian Shane is having a great first week. He’s helped at Catholic Charities, assisted at Mass in Spanish (he’s fluent having lived student exchanges in both Mexico—Puebla no less which will delight Veronica, our Office Manager, and her family—and Chile—but with travel in Argentina, which delights Liliana and Luis, our RE and Maintenance Staff, and their family), and visited hospitals, as well as met all the parish staff. He’s home with his family today and will be part of a huge wedding at St. Benedict tomorrow before returning to our Saturday Mass. He’ll share his vocation story after Communion at all our Masses this weekend.
      11. Luis continues to make solid progress on all sorts of projects across our campuses. Another set of glass inserts have been finished for our sanctuary wooden doors (thank you Spencer Roth and The Roth Company!) and new signage for Catholic Charities and the Church is up. Logos have been added to the Parish Mini-bus and are set for the truck. The school library is ready for new carpet.
      13. The start of our 125th year of Catholic education is less than a month away (Wednesday August 13 for students though teachers start earlier). We are nearing 116 and would love to add your student—or even more, a non-Catholic neighbor. Tours are available all summer long. Check with Sandy at 918-683-1291 (sbrewer@stjosephok.com).
      15. Shirley and the Choir have had a great week at The National Pastoral and Liturgical Musicians Conference in St. Louis. They’ll bring home some marvelous new music for us.
        1. Thank you Monica Ha (we are so glad you are home) for playing at both Masses this Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 9:30am. 
        3. Organ repair update: We have heard from the Connecticut experts who will return to Muskogee in September to put our organ (one of only ten of its kind in the USA) to tip-top condition. Part will be repair (approximately $3700 covered by insurance) and another additional required maintenance ($3800).  
      17.  Muskogee Catholic Charities hosts a Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast Saturday (7/19) at 9am at Golden Corral. We are grateful for each and every volunteer who help us feed the hungry and puts our Gospel values into practice. 260 families were assisted in June. Tuesdays and Fridays—9am-12noon—are the highest need days. Seminarian Shane is a real help but he’ll return to studies in August. Ideally, one person could volunteer weekly, every other week or once a month. Please call Deacon Ed or Liliana (687-6115) or the Parish Office (687-1351).
      19. Sunday (7/20) I travel to St. John in McAlester for a talk on the Family, as part of their summer series of religious education.
      One more “sometimes things just work out” story. Shane and I were visiting parishioners at Eastar yesterday and one was not in the room. I wanted to show Shane how to find the 2100 Rooms (Rehabiliation) down the really long and isolated hallways on the first floor.  Why 2100 rooms are on the first floor is a question together with why the entrance is on floor 2. Anyway, literally as we were walking down that hallway on the first floor we found the parishioner on the way back from a test. The staff was very gracious and I was able to anoint the parishioner right there. Shane also shared that his Mom used to work at Eastar (long before it was Eastar) in one of the rooms off that hallway. It is a small world.

      May God bless you and all you love (and all you should).

      Fr. Mike
      St. Joseph Catholic Church and School